Rep. Connie Mack: ‘Administration Must Stop Its Vendetta On Honduras’

Mack Press Office
June 14, 2011

Chairman Calls for the reinstatement of Honduran Visas and Measures to Aid Security and Stability of Region
WASHINGTON, DC – At today’s hearing of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, Chairman Connie Mack (FL-14) criticized key Administration officials, in particular U.S. Ambassador Llorens and Assistant Secretary Valenzuela, for their persistent interference in Honduran affairs. The hearing, “Holding Honduras Hostage: Revoked Visas and U.S. Policy,” was held to provide oversight of an Obama Administration policy that is negatively impacting the security of the United States by withholding needed resources to Honduras to fight a burgeoning drug trade and the influence of the Hugo Chavez regime in the region.

Mack stated, “It is time the Obama State Department put to rest their misplaced personal vendetta stemming from a change in government in 2009 and help Honduras defend the security of the region.”

During the hearing Mack called for the immediate reinstatement of the visas that were revoked due to a failed policy to pressure a former government, and urged the State Department to focus on promoting U.S. business and security interests.

Mack added, “U.S foreign policy should focus on promoting the freedom, security, and prosperity of U.S. citizens and that of our allies, not pursuing personal grudges through intimidation and manipulation. At today’s hearing it even seemed ironic that some Democrats still think there is something wrong with following a nation’s democratic Constitution.”

Chairman Mack plans on holding a follow-up hearing where he will demand State Department officials to discuss their policy in Honduras, the status of the revoked Honduran visas, and how U.S. policy addresses serious domestic challenges in Honduras that threaten the region.

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